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  • UI/UX skills

    Proficient knowledge of web and mobile usability

    Expertise in utilising UX design tools and processes

    Visual design tools (Figma, Sketch, Adobe Photoshop) and UI prototyping tools

  • Dev skills

    Excellent semantic HTML and CSS/Sass/PostCSS, SVG and modern building tools

    Strong Javascript/Typescript skills (ES20**, Angular, React, Svelte)

    Real-world accessibility skills

    I especially ❤️ building design systems with tools such as Storybook; rethinking UI component methodologies to make sure they work for the whole team



    • Fluency with CLI tools, git-based workflow, FE build tools
    • Working knowledge of browser differences and quirks
    • See my public repos on Github
  • Experience and education

    Since 2005: websites for more than 50 clients designed and/or developed

    Since 2009: a PhD in Mass media design (news sites design) from Moscow State University

    Since 2017: MSc in Human Computer Interaction from Tallinn University


About me

Welcome! I'm currently working a full time job as a UI development lead, but consider select freelance projects as well. I'm particularly good at creating usable and accessible content-rich projects for Web, with all stages of development cycle covered (from user research and business analysis to back-end and front-end). Browse the cases or get in touch by the means below.